• Customers need to place orders on the website by 1pm on the respective day of delivery e.g. Monday orders need to be in by 1pm on Monday and will be delivered that afternoon/evening.

    What if I need to make a change or cancel an order?

    You can cancel your order up to 3 days before each respective delivery day and pay a 50% cancellation fee. Cancelling your order in less than 3 days before the delivery day will result in you getting no refund, unfortunately.

  • To provide customers with the best experience, we do not reuse our containers. Our containers are recyclable/compostable and our delivery bags are recyclable as well so, please help us save the planet!

  • If you have a serious or life-threatening allergy, then we do not recommend you use Dine Easy. Currently, we do not offer the ability to include/exclude certain items from the meals but we have plans to expand our offerings to include various alternative diets in the near future.

  • We recommend that customers consume their meals upon receipt but with proper storage in the fridge/freezer the meals should be consumed within three days for best results.

  • If you cold store your meal then we recommend reheating for 2-3 mins (depending on your microwave) or on very low heat in the oven. Food should be reheated to 70 degrees Celsius internal temperature for best results. We recommend you reheat the meals on a ceramic/glass plate in the microwave or in the oven, up to 400F.

  • Our meals usually include one protein portion, one carbohydrate portion and one vegetable portion to ensure a well-balanced and nutritious diet. we select great ingredients, purchased locally to provide customers with delicious meals at an affordable price.

  • All of our kitchen staff go through at least three weeks of extensive pre-employment training where they receive up to 5 certifications in the food service industry including Safe Food Handling and WHMIS. We employ HACCP practices to ensure that our kitchen is run efficiently to minimize any food-borne illness risk.

  • You can change or cancel your order free of charge, up to 3 days before the first delivery day of the week i.e before Saturday 11:59pm every week. You cannot change your order less than 3 days before the first delivery day of the week and cancelling your order in the same period will result in you only getting a 50% refund of the cost.

  • We deliver three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday. We usually deliver meals to customers in the afternoon/evening. You will get a text to your phone letting you know when your meal is on the way and get an email confirmation after it has been delivered.

    How does delivery work if I live in a university/college residence building?

    Unfortunately, we do not deliver to residences yet but stay tuned as we are currently working on this!

  • Please note that we only deliver meals primarily to Western University students and as such we only deliver in a certain area around the campus. We deliver anywhere in boundaries of London, Ontario. Learn More

  • Delivery to university residences is between 3:30pm-5pm. You need to be available or have someone who can receive the delivery for you.

  • All of the personal information collected by us is securely encrypted and customers can rest assured that their information will not be compromised. We only keep your name, email and delivery address on file and never store any other information such as credit cards, to ensure that we are maximizing our customer’s safety.

  • We offer customers a 5% discount on the total order if they order 5-7 meals and a 10% discount on the total order if they order 7+ meals each week.

    We offer a referral discount. If an existing customer refers a new customer to Dine Easy using their unique referral code then both customers receive 5% off their order for that week.

    Please note that you cannot combine referral discounts. You can only use one referral code per week but you can combine your referral discount with one quantity discount.

  • We provide customers with the option to purchase meals at 50% off to be donated to local community organizations. For more information on our social aspects, Click Here

  • If you have any more questions, please contact us at: info@dineeasy.ca