You Order, We Prepare

Customers need to place orders on the website by 11am on the day of delivery for each respective Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. For example, Monday orders are due 11am on Monday, Wednesday orders are due 11am on Wednesday, and Friday orders are due 11am on Friday. You can place orders up to one week in advance of the delivery.

There are usually 4 entrée options on Monday, 4 entrée options on Wednesday and 4 entrée options on Friday. Our meals usually consist of a protein portion, a carbohydrate portion and a seasonal vegetable portion ensuring a well-balanced and healthy diet.

There are no minimum orders or mandatory subscription plans so customers can order as little or as many meals as they want, whenever they want, however they want it. If you order 5-7 meals, you get 5% off your total order and if you order 8-10 meals, you get 10% off your total order. Why would you want to grocery shop, cook and do dishes when you could kick back, relax and dine easy.

We Cook, You Relax

We cook the meals on the morning of the same day they are delivered so you always get your meals hot, fresh and never chilled or frozen.

We cook in our state of the art industrial kitchen here in London with the help of our great staff.

Head Chef Jay Caldwell has over 35 years of wide experience and increasing responsibility in the food service and hospitality industry, including catering, meal preparation and delivery services.

We Deliver, You Enjoy

Our meals are delivered in the afternoon/evening on Monday, Wednesday and Friday in custom-built delivery trucks that keep the meals at 80 degrees Celsius ensuring they stay fresh and safe during transportation. You will get a text when your meal is on the way. If no one answers the door, then we will leave the meal package at your front door and you will get a delivery confirmation email.

The meals are stored in recyclable/compostable, pulped paper meal trays with a tamper-evident clear microfilm cover. The air-tight microfilm seal ensures that the meals maintain maximum freshness and customers can tell that nothing has happened to their meal during transport.

We deliver anywhere within the boundaries of London, Ontario.