Building the future of locally-operated food delivery.

Omnicart empowers local entrepreneurs to fight back against the multinational corporations running them out of business by equipping them with the technology and support that they need to succeed.

Our vision for a more
equitable society

Profits that are reinvested into the local community.

Money earned locally is spent locally. Omnicart keeps more of your money in your community.

The creation of new job opportunities.

Creating more jobs with flexible hours, benefits, and wages.

Empowered, entrepreneurial families.

Flexible, scalable career options that give families the tools to run their own business.

A smaller wealth gap.

Keeping profits out of the hands of large multinational corporations and in the hands of local families.

A sustainable future for delivery.

A low-emission, low-impact alternative to large multinational corporations.

Thriving rural economies.

Supporting self-sustaining economies by creating avenues for profit in the community.

Currently operating in 6 well-known cities in British Columbia, Canada, and rapidly growing

Don’t see your community?

We’ve increased our partners’ revenue by up to 500% and we’ve made it our goal to keep increasing that number month over month.

We’re backed by Canada’s most active pre-seed investment fund: First Fund Ventures.
And supported by experienced advisors including the Director of CDL Vancouver and former Head of Partnerships at Google.

Forward Thinking

We see a future in which all communities have the ability to run their own food & beverage delivery service without the help of the ‘big guys’, and reinvest their profits in their local economy for a more sustainable, and equitable, future.

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